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Refreshing citrus cooler shaken together with a blend of fresh Cold-Pressed juices.
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Health Benefits:

  • A citrus bliss, Holywaters Ecstacy is prepared fresh with cold-pressed citrus juices that offers instant energy and enhanced immunity.
  • Low on calorie, this is perfect drink for fitness enthusiast.

Preferred Pairing: Vodka/ Rum (Dark/ White)

*Alcohol not shipped with Order!!
**For Immediate Consumption!!

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Holywaters: Natural Cocktail Mixes | Cold Pressed Juice Blends | Infused Beverages

Your Drinks were never this Fresh

The real taste of freshness with Holywaters Cocktail Mixes, Cold Pressed Juices, Infused Drinks and Juice Blends. If you are looking for authentic and healthy cocktail mixes and cold-pressed juices, then Holywaters is the place for you. 

Holywaters is in the business of providing you the best cocktail experience with their specially crafted cocktail mixes and cold-pressed juices prepared with 100 percent natural and fresh ingredients. These preservative-free ranges of juices are delivered at your doorstep so that you can have your favourite drinks at the convenience of your home without stepping out.

Holywaters Cocktail Mixers and Cold Pressed Juices add Rich Flavour and Enhance the taste of classic Cocktails without compromising on the freshness and quality. All products from the house of Holywaters are made to order and are absolutely Preservative-Free. Holywaters Cocktail Mixes & Cold Pressed Juices could also be consumed straight up chilled as a Mocktail, should you choose to take the non-alcoholic drink route.

Today, a new trend of house parties has emerged and picked more prominence. Cocktail mixes are an essential part of such celebrations. More so, the rise in the cocktail culture has led to a much diverse and exotic range of cocktails mixes. Holywaters is one such brand aiming to provide fresh and natural cocktail mixes at home so good cocktails become accessible to everyone.. To provide a turnkey solution for house parties, Holywaters works with select associates to help with Catering, Licences and on-site F&B Service support. We also have a network and range of artists to add interesting entertainment options for your guests.

All the products are fresh, prepared with cold-pressed juices and other natural ingredients. Holywaters Cocktail Mixes & Cold Pressed Juices are prepared with utmost hygiene and packaged in sterilised glass containers before they are safely delivered to your doorstep.

We have the best delivery associates to ensure a speedy and safe doorstep delivery. All products are fresh and made to order, thus providing a flavourful and preservative-free option over packaged drinks. Each container is sanitized, packed, and delivered within 4 hours to keep the freshness intact.

Holywaters bring you the same experience as any other restaurant and bar without the hassle of moving out of your house and spending a fortune on cocktails. If you’re willing to try your hands on cocktails for the first time, here are the drinks that you can start with:


  • SANGUINE - Fresh cold-pressed blend of Tomato Juice with a gist of celery, other herbs and spices. It is preferred with vodka (regular, or spiced).  Holywaters Sanguine is rich in vitamins and minerals, the blend is a great detoxifying agent, lowers cholesterol and boosts vision amongst other benefits. Antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenol phytonutrients in other natural ingredients help improve liver, skin, eye and mental health.

  • SOLO PINE - Fresh and Natural Cold-Pressed Juice. Rich in nutrients, Holywaters cold-pressed tropical fruit juice is known to have a proteolytic enzyme, bromelian which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat bowel irregularity, sore throats, and joint problems. It is preferred with White rum/Malibu.

Explore the product pages for more details about Holywaters Cocktail Mixes, Cold Pressed Juices, Infused Beverages and Other Juice Blends. Our teams may also be reached for a more personalised assistance.

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Team Holywaters

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